Real Life Disability Stories

Bill Reid

Bill was 32 when a horrific car accident nearly claimed his life. Short-term memory loss has made it impossible for him to return to work. Fortunately, he had disability insurance, which has enabled him to maintain the same lifestyle he had before the accident.

Meredith Moore

At 30, Meredith Moore found out she had a malignant brain tumor, which required three brain surgeries and chemotherapy. Disability insurance benefits replaced 60% of her income, delivering financial relief to her family and allowing her to focus on her recovery.

Tim Meredith

When he made the leap to opening his own business, Tim Meredith and his insurance agent put a full range of personal and business insurance in place. It's this careful and comprehensive planning that saved his business and his family from financial ruin when he suffered a life-threatened aneurism and was unable to work.

Tullos Disability