Doctors Need to Protect Their Income

Posted on: March 21, 2015 by Chuck Krugh, CFP

Physicians are quite accustomed to helping people who are temporarily or permanently sidelined from the work force by injury or illness – one at a time. But many physicians don’t quite grasp that they themselves could face disabilities like their patients – disabilities that threaten to derail years of financial plans, hopes, dreams and aspirations. […]

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The ‘Big Three’ MUST HAVE Insurance Policies To Start With

Posted on: March 11, 2015 by Chuck Krugh, CFP

Writing for the Detroit News, financial planner Barry Glassman identifies the three “must-have” insurance plans for American families: life, disability and long-term care. We concur. If you have a car, the law forces you to buy auto insurance (to protect other people, if not yourself). If you buy a house, the bank will force you […]

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