How Much Life Insurance Coverage Do You Really Need?

Posted on: December 20, 2012 by Chuck Krugh, CFP

One of our physician clients asks: I’ve been putting off buying life insurance, but now that I’m married with a baby on the way I need to do the responsible thing. I’ve settled on buying term insurance, but I’m not sure on how much I should get. I’ve talked with four agents and I’ve gotten […]

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Year-End Tax Planning for Physicians

Posted on: by Chuck Krugh, CFP

Tax planning for physicians is a year round endeavor. Typically, it is not until they approach the year-end until they have a better understanding of their financial situation as it relates to profits, cash flow anticipation, expense allotments, and their tax consequences.  Taking the opportunity to review the business’ books in order to assess possible […]

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Disability Insurance Premiums – How are they determined?

Posted on: by Chuck Krugh, CFP

Compared with other forms of insurance, disability insurance premiums tend to be much more expensive. Why? Because you are at a greater risk of becoming disabled than you are to die prematurely or lose your house to a fire. Understanding how disability insurance premiums are calculated and knowing what discounts might be available is important […]

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Physician Investment Strategy: Dollar Cost Averaging

Posted on: December 14, 2012 by Chuck Krugh, CFP

While physicians may have a greater opportunity to earn a high income, the initial delay and expense of entering their practice puts them at a disadvantage in wealth accumulation which can have a compounding effect over the different stages of their professional life cycle.  For that reason, young physicians need to begin a long-term investment […]

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Young Physicians Need to Tell Good Debt from Bad Debt

Posted on: by Chuck Krugh, CFP

Most physicians begin their career with high expectations, tight budgets and high debt; and, it’s not unusual for young physicians to continue to incur more debt as they invest in their practice or attempt to finance a more lavish life style. From that point on, the debt they hold falls into one of two categories […]

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Physicians take Note: When a Total Disability is Not a Total Disability

Posted on: by Chuck Krugh, CFP

For physicians, buying the best possible disability insurance coverage is essential in order to protect their most valuable asset – their ability to earn an income. Yet, buying a policy and simply filing it away until a situation arises when you might need it can be huge mistake if you haven’t studied the policy language. […]

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