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Physician's Information on Autism Disability


Autism starts to affect children in the first three years of their lives. It’s a developmental disorder that impairs the child’s communicative and social skills. Related to unusual chemistry and biology in their brains, it’s not yet known what exactly causes these abnormalities. Research has revealed that autism is possibly caused by a combination of factors. One of these factors is genetic. The relatives of autistic children are more likely to have developed language abnormalities and families with autism are more commonly associated with chromosomal abnormalities. Other suspected causes of autism include mercury poisoning, digestive tract changes, vaccine sensitivity, and diet. In most cases, parents will notice the symptoms of autism when the child is around one and a half to two years old. Here are some resources on autism disability.

Autism Facts

The factsheet offers general information on autistic disorder, Asperger’s Disorder, CDD, and more.

Autism Speaks

This is the official website with information on autism research, advocacy, events, family services, and more.

Autism Fact Sheet

Here, you can learn about the diagnosis, common signs, treatment, research, and other information about autism.

Autism for Kids

This is a great website for children to learn about autism.

Understanding Autism

Here’s a look at autism from historical and contemporary perspectives.

Autism Research Institute

It’s the homepage of one of the leading autism research organization in the world with information on the treatment of autism, symptoms and behavior, and other resources.

Definition of Autism Spectrum Disorders

In this PDF, you can learn about autism and how it affects the patients.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)

The CDC provides autism facts, causes, treatments, research, screening, diagnosis, statistics, and other information.

More Information on Autism

The NICHCY presents autism characteristics, causes, disorders, future diagnoses, plus tips for parents and teachers.

National Autism Association

This association is committed to providing support to the autism community through various programs, local chapters, conferences, media, and so on.

Geneva Center for Autism

Here, you will find information on services for families, services for children, services for professionals, services for youth and adults, and more.

General Information on Autism

The webpage is a good place to read about the basics, treatment, prognosis, and other information about the disability.

Autism Society

This is the official website of Autism Society which provides support and information for family members, professionals, advocates, and individuals with autism.

Autism Society Canada

Canadians will find lots of information on autism spectrum disorders on this homepage.

What is Autism?

The ASHA provides general information on autism covering the basics, treatments, symptoms, diagnosis, and other organizations.

Autism Science Foundation

The organization offers funding on autism research in the areas of treatments and causes.

Types of Autism

The webpage provides an overview of the various types of autism.

Genetics of Autism

Here, you will learn about childhood autism spectrum, causes of autism, and multi-factorial inheritance.

Causes of Autism

The NAPCSE discusses some of the known causes of autism.

Autism & Brain Size

In this UC Davis study, there are some interesting findings about the brain size of boys with regressive autism.

Asperger’s Syndrome

The webpage provides some information on this type of autism.

Classical Homeopathy

In this PDF, Dr. Kate Hudson discusses the use of classical homeopathy on patients with autism.

Classic Autism

The webpage offers an overview on classic autism, covering its characteristics, treatment, and diagnosis.

Asperger’s Disorder

The AACAP presents information some information for the families of individual with this disorder.

More on Asperger’s Disorder

In this PDF, there is information on the disorder, covering its characteristics, causes, incidence, deficits, and so on.

Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

On this webpage, you can find a general overview of CDD.

Pervasive Developmental Disorders

The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin offers some information on PDD.

Pervasive Developmental Disorder – Not Otherwise Specified

Here, you will find a brief introduction on PDD – NOS and a case illustration.

Rett’s Disorder (PDF)

In this fact sheet, you will learn some basic information on this type of autism.

International Rett Syndrome Foundation

It’s the homepage of IRSF with information, news, events, online communities, and more.

Getting a Diagnosis

On this webpage, you will find out why it’s important to get an autism diagnosis.

Diagnosis of Autism

The webpage provides information on how autism is diagnosed.

Advice for Parents

In this PDF, there is a lot of information for parents of young autistic individuals.

Autism Treatment Options

What are the options for treatment of autism? Take a look here.

Treatment & Care

The webpage discusses how parents and caretakers should treat and care for individuals with autism.

Symptoms of ASD

Here’s a good place to learn about the symptoms of ASD.

Early Signs

The webpage provides some information on the early signs of autism.

History of Autism

Come here to read about the history of autism.

Autism Resources

The HHS offers some resources on autism, covering treatment, publications, organizations, and more.

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